How To Handle Winter

This is how I deal with winter. Hotsprings by the beach, hotsprings in a cave, hotsprings in the river. When can I get a hotspring at my house?!

Mochi New Year

Diary of a Beach Bum: The Best Days Kept For Last

A good holiday is all about pacing. Forget this and risk hiking while jet-lagged, ennui midway, and total burnout. I never understood why people have beachy holidays. Fly across the world to lie… Continue reading

Diary of a Beach Bum 2: Beaches be crazy

“You are so different from when you first arrived,” She says, eyes fixed on potholes as we head north to Ritidian Point, “You finally seem relaxed.” Five days ago, I was in Japan,… Continue reading

Diary of a Beach Bum

In Japan winter is cold. Snow happens. Body-glove underwear called Heat-Tech sells out. As an Australian, I can’t agree with a cold December. It just doesn’t make any sense. In Guam, winter doesn’t… Continue reading

Legal Casino In Japan

Technically, gambling is illegal in Japan. This might not make sense to those who have noticed the giagantic Pachinko parlors, full of slot machines and other “games” that take your money and occasionally,… Continue reading

Osaka’s Fashion Scene

  Twice a year, the Creatous Magazine Collection Show sends the new styles of a dozen hot Osakan designers strutting through a gorgeous, ball-room-glamourous, hall. Where Next Japan was lucky enough to get… Continue reading

Vidoeing the Kishiwada Danjiri Festival

The Kishiwada Danjiri Festival, held every year in September, is fun, fast; full of spectators, and more than a little danger; as well as being a tradition that cements a community together within… Continue reading

Island Hopping By Bike

The Shimanami Kaido cycling route runs 70 kms from Onomichi in Hiroshima, to Imabari in Ehime prefecture. It winds through islands, and over the bridges connecting them. July might not be the most… Continue reading

Limited To Hot Guys ただしイケメンに限る

This is a fun, silly video based around the terribly cynical Japanese phrase: イケメンに限る (ikemen ni kagiru) meaning, limited to hot guys. I thought this would be a fun idea to play around… Continue reading

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