Top 10 Awesome Experiences: Riding Japan’s Largest Lake

What is it about the big, physical challenges that make them attractive, bucket-list items even to those whose general level of activity hovers between stroll and gentle jog? Every year thousands turn up… Continue reading

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Super Sights In Japan

Japan is a country of great natural beauty. Travellers can enjoy some special sights in northern Kansai: walking through a traditionally thatched village, or riding along the Hozu river gorge in a steam… Continue reading

A Taste For Travel

In the Tamba region of Japan, visitors can sample wild deer and later wash it down with sake brewed to Mozart. Food is definitely a valid reason to travel.

Tomonoura Dreams of Ponyo

Tomonoura is a small harbour town on the shores of Japan’s Inland Sea, the Setonaikai. A commercial hub for centuries, changes to modern forms of transport must have suddenly upended Tomonoura’s economy, leaving… Continue reading

Miyajima Tides

Miyajima is one of those Japanese destinations, like Koyasan, or Kyoto, that while well-known, popular, and peopled with many other tourists, leaves the visitor with a sense of having enjoyed something special, a… Continue reading

Hozanji in Snow

Winters on Japan’s Pacific coast, while cold enough to snow, often don’t result in much of the cold stuff. Sometimes however, a big blow comes up from the south and coats everything. Roads… Continue reading

Adventures in Kansai: Doya Doya festival VIDEO

For more pictures  and a longer description check: Doya Doya: Mostly naked, freezing, good fun for all. 

Offbeat, Anime Pilgrimage Point

Toyosato is a very small town roughly an hour north of Kyoto. Historically, it was just one of the villages along the old Nakasendo highway, with a few shrines to visit. Then, some… Continue reading

Doya Doya Matsuri: Mostly naked, freezing, good fun for all!

Doya Doya is a hard festival to describe accurately. Held on the 14th of January, it celebrates the culmination of a 14 day period of worship after the New Year for this particular… Continue reading

One Day In Kansai

A photo-contest sent me flipping back through 2013′s files, for photos that would match the theme: One Day, morning, day, evening, night. Photos named with the time they’re taken.  It was a little… Continue reading

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