Rainy Days In Kyoto

What to do in Kyoto when it rains? Michael Lambe of Deep Kyoto suggests shopping in covered arcades like Teramachi, Shinkyogoku, and Nishikikoji Market; plays at the Minamiza; museums; cafes. Mandy Bartok of… Continue reading

I don’t want to be a list ticker

I don’t want to be a list ticker. I don’t want to hit 30 countries under 30.

How to make takoyaki at your house!

Takoyaki. Is there any better snack food? Maybe for those wary of octopus, the idea of frying in up in batter doesn’t sound so appealing, but the beauty of the system is, if… Continue reading

The Osaka Photoshooters Club

The Osaka Photoshooters is a club that meets about once a month for photoshoots. Recently we collaborated with Hades Japan Footwear, and Kouki Kaneyama, a young, but already high achieving, designer. We hope… Continue reading

Happy Hina Matsuri

On March 3rd, girls in Japan celebrate Hina Matsuri. A young, Kiwi/Japanese girl called Mei showed us around her collection.

How To Use A Japanese Toilet

Having trouble figuring out which way is forward on a Japanese toilet? Wondering what the speaker thing is attached to the wall? Haven’t tried yet, but are living in Japan, and know that… Continue reading

How To Handle Winter

This is how I deal with winter. Hotsprings by the beach, hotsprings in a cave, hotsprings in the river. When can I get a hotspring at my house?!

Mochi New Year

Diary of a Beach Bum: The Best Days Kept For Last

A good holiday is all about pacing. Forget this and risk hiking while jet-lagged, ennui midway, and total burnout. I never understood why people have beachy holidays. Fly across the world to lie… Continue reading

Diary of a Beach Bum 2: Beaches be crazy

“You are so different from when you first arrived,” She says, eyes fixed on potholes as we head north to Ritidian Point, “You finally seem relaxed.” Five days ago, I was in Japan,… Continue reading

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