99 ways to teach

An ALT Skill Set Review Every year thousands of new ALTs, Assistant Language Teachers, start their jobs in front of a class full of kids without any prior experience in teaching. Inevitably stressful… Continue reading

Edible Art on a Grand Scale

Going viral. Some people do it with a single, blurry but somehow amazing video. The village of Inakadate in Aomori pref, has managed to maintain and grow it’s viral success over twenty years… Continue reading

Eating on the Westside

Osaka is famous for it’s food. Home to takoyaki, and kushi katsu, and where some of the most delicious oily ramen to highbrow fare can be sampled, why shouldn’t foreign food be equally… Continue reading

Aomori Neputa Festival

Aomori city’s Neputa matsuri is one of the three big festivals in northern Japan, including Sendai’s Tanabata, and Akita city’s Kanto Matsuri. It’s become increasingly popular over the last few years, perhaps thanks… Continue reading

This Is A Pen

The first, and therefore, the most important phrase that Junior High school students learn in Japan: This Is A Pen. We made a video detailing all the likely scenarios when you could conceivably… Continue reading

Repurposed Railway

¬†Once JR trains ran through Mukogawa Gorge. Now hikers who like gorgeous scenery, but not overly much exertion, cross the sleepers.¬† Thankfully spared, for the time being, from becoming another of Japan’s many… Continue reading

Kansai Celebrations

Kansai Scene, the only English language magazine servicing Osaka, Kyoto, and Kobe, just turned 15 and we had an amazing birthday bash to celebrate it! Check out some of the fun, including the… Continue reading

Pureland Priestess

Kansai Scene presents an interview Ariya Sasaki, a young priestess of the Pureland sect of Buddhism. While female priestess were almost unheard of a generation ago, Ariya is determined to follow this path,… Continue reading

Jun and Me

Jun and Me, is a poetic, and slightly over-ambitious meditation on life, and consciousness by debut director and writer Kendall M Williams. The film is semi-autobiographical, as he pours his knowledge of philosophy,… Continue reading

East meets West fantasy blend photoshoot

Shitennoji is one of Osaka’s most beautiful shrines, with a killer festival in February. There is a spot, where both the pagoda, and the towers of sky-scraper Abeno Harakasu twin, which seemed perfect… Continue reading

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