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Still Crazy

The Tohoku earthquake was such a devastating event, but the ongoing pain for those who live in Fukushima are the effects of the triple meltdown. Taishi Hirokawa took a series of photos of… Continue reading

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4 Simple Games That Work In The Classroom

After teaching in Japan for almost 8 years, as an Eikaiwa, dispatch and now licensed classroom teacher, there are four games I continually return to for their ease of preparation, and adaptability to… Continue reading

Travels to Mars

During the annual Kyotographie International Photography Festival, held in Kyoto earlier this year, visitors were treated to high-res, NASA captured images of the surface Mars. Curated by Xavier Barral, and put to a… Continue reading

What you do in Japan in June

June in Japan means the beginning of the rainy season; the beginning of a hot, humid summer; it means fireflies, and finally packing away the kotatsu blankets, and rediscovering the collection of uchiwa… Continue reading

Candle Night In Osaka

The Osaka Candle night (1000000人のキャンドルナイト@OSAKA CITY) is an exhibition of glass and fire sculptures. Held on two Wednesday nights in June, the earlier night is held in Chayamachi, while latter one cuts through… Continue reading

Biking Lake Biwa Video

On sturdy mami-chari (very basic push-bikes usually reserved for grocery shopping), Ryann and Felicity decided to bike around Lake Biwa, Japan’s largest lake. Overcoming weather, engineering malfunctions and clouds and clouds of bugs… Continue reading


Kyoto has become the home of a new, international photography festival: Kyotographie. Into its second, annual iteration, the three week long festival of exhibits, talks and workshops wrapped up on May 11th. The… Continue reading

Osaka Fashion Show

Twice annually, Creatous Magazine hosts a fashion show in the beautiful Osaka City Public Central Hall, in Nakanoshima. Designers, new and established, come to present their concepts, and prove that Tokyo isn’t the… Continue reading

How to Hanami

Hanami! It might be over for this year, but while the flowers were pink we went out and interviewed picnickers, including merry salary-men and the author of web-comic Maliki, to give you some… Continue reading

Top 10 Awesome Experiences: Riding Japan’s Largest Lake

What is it about the big, physical challenges that make them attractive, bucket-list items even to those whose general level of activity hovers between stroll and gentle jog? Every year thousands turn up… Continue reading

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