Escape Kyoto Episode 1

Where can a humble leaf lover go if not Kyoto? Kyoto, the most famous of Japan’s cultural icons. Kyoto, where all the most beautiful gardens are. Kyoto! But, when conservative estimates suggest roughly… Continue reading

Susuki Skies In Wakayama

Oishi Kogen (生石 高原) in Arida, Wakayama. Well known for its feathery, gold susuki grass plains, best seen in autumn.  Also, sometimes, if you’re lucky, you will catch someone singing there.  

Flower Girls Photoshoot

Nakazakicho is a hidden gem in Osaka. Cute, hippie cafes and organic cafes tucked into some of the rare Osakan architecture that survived the firebombing of WW2. A Fukuokan photographer turned visual artist, Yougetu… Continue reading

How To Make Soy Sauce

In the birth-place of Japanese soy sauce, learn how to brew your own bottle, and taste test some of their award winning varieties! #homemade #winning

Nara Deer Eating People’s Stuff

The deer in Nara are a fearless breed. Accustomed to being fed by the hordes of tourists, they can be occasionally too friendly. Part initiation rite, as children flee from the quadrupeds while… Continue reading

Japan Beyond the Megaopolis

Late September and Omi-Takashima is full of colour. A blue, early autumn sky over green-gold, soon-to-be harvested rice, itself framed by clumps of red spider-lilies. The small town along the west coast of… Continue reading

99 ways to teach

An ALT Skill Set Review Every year thousands of new ALTs, Assistant Language Teachers, start their jobs in front of a class full of kids without any prior experience in teaching. Inevitably stressful… Continue reading

Edible Art on a Grand Scale

Going viral. Some people do it with a single, blurry but somehow amazing video. The village of Inakadate in Aomori pref, has managed to maintain and grow it’s viral success over twenty years… Continue reading

Eating on the Westside

Osaka is famous for it’s food. Home to takoyaki, and kushi katsu, and where some of the most delicious oily ramen to highbrow fare can be sampled, why shouldn’t foreign food be equally… Continue reading

Aomori Neputa Festival

Aomori city’s Neputa matsuri is one of the three big festivals in northern Japan, including Sendai’s Tanabata, and Akita city’s Kanto Matsuri. It’s become increasingly popular over the last few years, perhaps thanks… Continue reading

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