Kiriaki: Hiroshima bomb survivor

Chieko Kiriaki is 86 years old today. Energetic, talkative, warm and friendly, she is a pleasure to spend a day with. She is also a survivor of the A-bomb dropped on Hiroshima, August… Continue reading

Tokyo Model: Interview With Dean Newcombe

Dean Newcombe is a successful model working in Tokyo. In his interview he sheds light on an industry that can be either a good part-time earner, or potentially a full-time ticket in Japan.… Continue reading

Beyond Nihon: Taipei Temple Hopping

Today I’m temple hopping in Taipei!  Today I’m temple hopping. Taiwan has a relaxed view towards religion, so Taipei is the perfect place to see a lot of gorgeous religiousity in a short… Continue reading


For the first time, Where Next Japan is proud to be hosting a guest blogger: Sulaymane Sillah. Sulaymane is an English teacher from DC, working in Japan 3 and a half years. He’s worked with Peppy kids… Continue reading

Beyond Nihon: Taipei’s backstreets

Love Japan, but looking for a quick escape “beyond Nihon”? My new travel series looks at countries close to Japan: what to do there, what to eat, top tips, and even what to… Continue reading

So, you want to be a ninja?

In early March, Aichi prefecture put out a call for applicants to a job many maybe considered impossible to attain: full-time, salaried, ninja.   The internet exploded, much to the surprise of the organisers,… Continue reading

Behind the scenes sumo: Video Interview

If you had the chance to interview a sumo, what would you ask? Check out the video below to learn more about the challenges, and surprises of a sumos’ life. Click here for… Continue reading

Behind the scenes Sumo

Sumo are pretty awesome, but usually kept at arms’ length by their handlers. When Ryann and I visited Asa Geiko (morning training) two years ago, we were lucky they allowed us to film… Continue reading

Love In Kansai

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day! Together with Celia Polkinghorne of Kansai Scene, we made a video showcasing three American/Japanese couples in lurve~~ Lots of laughs, lots of good advice for those wanting some insights into… Continue reading

As Australian festivals reel from drug deaths, Japanese children can safely attend massive, multi-day music festivals

As Aussie festivals struggle with drugs, Japanese children safely attend #Summersonic @tripleJ @rubyraetsjones

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