Yappari, gaijin da.

Working Japanese primary schools for years has taught me two things. Requests, statements and instructions should be replied to with a resounding, “Hai!” Or, “Wakarimashita!” – I understand! And action should always be… Continue reading

So you want to work in Koyasan?

It’s been 13 days since I arrived in Koyasan, and 12 since I started working in the kitchen of one of its temple stays, known in Japanese as shukubo. It doesn’t feel like… Continue reading

Kiriaki: Hiroshima bomb survivor

Chieko Kiriaki is 86 years old today. Energetic, talkative, warm and friendly, she is a pleasure to spend a day with. She is also a survivor of the A-bomb dropped on Hiroshima, August… Continue reading

Tokyo Model: Interview With Dean Newcombe

Dean Newcombe is a successful model working in Tokyo. In his interview he sheds light on an industry that can be either a good part-time earner, or potentially a full-time ticket in Japan.… Continue reading

Beyond Nihon: Taipei Temple Hopping

Today I’m temple hopping in Taipei!  Today I’m temple hopping. Taiwan has a relaxed view towards religion, so Taipei is the perfect place to see a lot of gorgeous religiousity in a short… Continue reading


For the first time, Where Next Japan is proud to be hosting a guest blogger: Sulaymane Sillah. Sulaymane is an English teacher from DC, working in Japan 3 and a half years. He’s worked with Peppy kids… Continue reading

Beyond Nihon: Taipei’s backstreets

Love Japan, but looking for a quick escape “beyond Nihon”? My new travel series looks at countries close to Japan: what to do there, what to eat, top tips, and even what to… Continue reading

So, you want to be a ninja?

In early March, Aichi prefecture put out a call for applicants to a job many maybe considered impossible to attain: full-time, salaried, ninja.   The internet exploded, much to the surprise of the organisers,… Continue reading

Behind the scenes sumo: Video Interview

If you had the chance to interview a sumo, what would you ask? Check out the video below to learn more about the challenges, and surprises of a sumos’ life. Click here for… Continue reading

Behind the scenes Sumo

Sumo are pretty awesome, but usually kept at arms’ length by their handlers. When Ryann and I visited Asa Geiko (morning training) two years ago, we were lucky they allowed us to film… Continue reading

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