Photo essay: The anti-nuclear village

Images from the June 30th protest in Oi, Japan against the restart of the nuclear reactors nearby. On July 1st, the government successfully switched the reactors back on. The first since all 54 were shuttered following the meltdowns in Fukushima.

Campers contributed a self designed flag to a Tibetan banner.

This flag says, we want to live happily

Stop the restart banners overlooking the campsite

Harley Davidson bike next to a sign pointing the way to the public toilets that were kept in amazingly clean condition

Some basic ground rules like: take home your rubbish! and information regarding opening times of the local supermarket and public baths

We watched the massive protest in Tokyo via Ustream

Founder of IWJ, Independent Web Journal, Iwakuni is an ADD man with a mission in Tokyo

My neighbour in the carpark: Kazue and her dog Kiku

Kiku is 17 years old. 17! And still attends protests. See you there when you’re 108 years old

Strangers became friends, people drop in to other’s spots for breakfast. A temporary village is born.

Mami mixes up plankton for breakfast… yum… (I guess at least it wasn’t placenta)

The fan reminds us: Peace is a burden

The anti nuclear village




3 thoughts on “Photo essay: The anti-nuclear village

  1. Kiku is adorable! And it definitely is nice that everyone’s coming together and being so neighborly and all. How long did the protest go for? Was it just the one day?


    • It was from the 23rd until Saturday the 30th, though a lot of people, including us, only overnighted from Friday. There were ways it could have been a more effective protest, because a lot of the time was spent just sitting around, but the atmosphere was very friendly and welcoming.


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