Journey to Koyasan

Koyasan is a magical place to visit at any time of the year. In spring, the cherry blossoms run along the train tracks; in summer, there is relief from cool mountain breezes; in winter, snow covering the temples and Buddhist statues makes everything more beautiful and mystical.

Autumn however, is perhaps the best. A backdrop of gold and red leaves to match the vermillion of the giant temples; brilliant yellow carpets of fallen ginko leaves surrounding the gates into shrines; and a bright, clear sky above to warm walkers, even when the temperatures are low.

Ryann, (my Where Next Japan videography partner and generally awesome travel companion) and I travelled to Koyasan in mid-November to record the magic of the train journey there, and the sights of this ancient Buddhist enclave.

This is the video we made, titled Journey to Koyasan, our first in a new series for the English travel magazine, Kansai Scene called Adventures in Kansai. From now on we will have two videos out every month: one 3 minute travel video for Kansai Scene, and one of varying lengths and topics for Where Next Japan.

We hope that you enjoy watching. ^^


6 thoughts on “Journey to Koyasan

    • Thanks Leah! We just made one on the Kobe Luminarie which I’ll post soon.

      After that it might get a bit risque though, as we will be visiting Osaka’s Doya Doya naked man festival… March will be safe again though, with a video we took of during a tour in northern Hyogo/Kyoto. There was a restaurant specialising in deer meat… maybe a way to reduce your garden’s pest problem?


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