One Day In Kansai

A photo-contest sent me flipping back through 2013’s files, for photos that would match the theme: One Day, morning, day, evening, night. Photos named with the time they’re taken. 

It was a little difficult to find morning photos – the great majority of festivals I visit take place in the afternoon – but I found a selection of photos from the various places I visited in Kansai last year. Please check them out/take some travel inspiration from them.

For more in depth information on each photo please check out these pages:

Wakayama Onsens

Replanting Traditions: Rice-field festival

Thrills and Spills: Birdman in Japan

Expat Postcards: Sharing sweet, sweet culture

Remembering Ibaraki: Memories of before the Great Tohoku Earthquake

Explosive sky-painting: Fireworks in Hikone

Light up the Night: Taga Taisha’s 1000 lights festival

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