Candle Night In Osaka

Bright boats

A beautiful recreation of Tenjin Matsuri, a festival held in late July.

The Osaka Candle night (1000000人のキャンドルナイト@OSAKA CITY) is an exhibition of glass and fire sculptures. Held on two Wednesday nights in June, the earlier night is held in Chayamachi, while latter one cuts through the centre of Umeda’s business district. Of course, anything held for free in the middle of Osaka will attract a lot of people, and the sculptures, while beautiful, often felt swamped by spectators. Sadly, the ambient light of the nearby skyscrapers also dims the effect somewhat. However, if crowds aren’t a problem, and you are in the area, the Osaka Candle Night is worth a look.

Many of the exhibitions created patterns our of light.

Many of the exhibitions created patterns our of light.

Bridal Fire

Bridal Fire: Exhibitions provided an outlet for many creative impulses.

The closest station for visiting Umeda’s night, is Nishiumeda station on the Yotsubashi line. Candles light up from 6pm until 10pm. Free entry.

osaka candle-1060707

5 thoughts on “Candle Night In Osaka

    • Thanks for your comment Duke ^^ I think I like Osaka best at night – it’s safe, bright, and full of interesting places to stop for a drink. ^^


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