Limited To Hot Guys ただしイケメンに限る

This is a fun, silly video based around the terribly cynical Japanese phrase: イケメンに限る (ikemen ni kagiru) meaning, limited to hot guys.

I thought this would be a fun idea to play around with, so I chose the ridiculous (though, actually, in Omar’s case, kind of true) idea of a hot guy eating an apple stopping the people around him.

I hope people enjoy the video and don’t take it too seriously.

Omar Carter
Megumi Chan
Shigeki Nakajima
Karina Saki
Alessandra Mauri
Felicity Tillack

Music and Sound:
VJ Memes – Kind of girl
Simon Craggs – Apple Bite
Mike Koenig – Urban Traffic Sound

Filmed, edited by
Felicity Tillack

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