Diary of a Beach Bum 2: Beaches be crazy


“You are so different from when you first arrived,” She says, eyes fixed on potholes as we head north to Ritidian Point, “You finally seem relaxed.”

Five days ago, I was in Japan, freezing, fresh from 3 months of solid teaching, and non-stop school events. After work hours were invariably spent either complaining about work to my husband, or slumped in exhausted sleep.  


This girl knows how to open a coconut! #mybestieisbetterthanyours

This girl knows how to open a coconut! #mybestieisbetterthanyours

Today my biggest concerns include: how frequently should I be reapplying my sunscreen? Lamb or felafal kebab? How could life have become more complicated than this?


Local fishermen spend the afternoon walking, watching and waiting patiently to net rabbit fish. Zen with food!




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