East meets West fantasy blend photoshoot

Shitennoji is one of Osaka’s most beautiful shrines, with a killer festival in February. There is a spot, where both the pagoda, and the towers of sky-scraper Abeno Harakasu twin, which seemed perfect for our East meets West fantasy blend themed photoshoot. What do you think of the effect?

Felicity-1040080 Felicity-1040087 Felicity-1040116 Felicity-1040121 Felicity-1040124 Felicity-1040131 Felicity-1040132 Felicity-1040178 Felicity-1040232 Felicity-1040242 Felicity-1040274 Felicity-1040288 Felicity-1040302 Felicity-1040326

4 thoughts on “East meets West fantasy blend photoshoot

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