This Is A Pen

The first, and therefore, the most important phrase that Junior High school students learn in Japan: This Is A Pen. We made a video detailing all the likely scenarios when you could conceivably need to say, “This is a pen.”

Please share if you liked it!

Bonus: Here are some behind the scenes pictures from our day out filming:

This is a pen

Rob Kodama unsuccessfully teaching Yoko Homma which are and which are not pens.


Kota Nakano trying out the feasibility of the giant pen as an actual pen.


Sleeping on the job… pfft, I don’t know.


Calm down, this is a pen, not a giant praying mantis.


Rob and Kota checking their lines. What pros!


Hugh Hassey channeling his inner Steve Irwin.


Sexy bunch of actors and film-makers.

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