Eating on the Westside


Osaka is famous for it’s food. Home to takoyaki, and kushi katsu, and where some of the most delicious oily ramen to highbrow fare can be sampled, why shouldn’t foreign food be equally amazing?

Enter Westside, an American, or to be more specific, an authentic New York style bar and grill. I reviewed it’s menu, both food and liquid, in September’s Kansai Scene. My host, the grill’s owner, Vincent from the first was incredibly friendly and generous, starting us off with Budweiser beers and nachos, following with Westside Wings with blue cheese and the house white wine, continuing with a Philly Cheese-steak (my first) and Sangria, then a Silver Sangria (with gin) and a Coney Island hotdog. He almost bought me a frozen Margarita to go with the salad, however it was a school night and I sobered up with coffee and NY cheesecake.


Does it not make sense to ply alcohol on your food reviewer? I think it is a masterful strategy, but definitely not the only reason the evening has a rosy glow to it. The food was honestly amazing, even without the culinary skills of their main chef, who was taking a night off.


While definitely not diet, Vincent sold me on the *healthiness* of his food, freshly cooked, origin known food, without preservatives. 


So, if in the neighbourhood, Yotsubashi station is only one stop away from Namba, and Westside only a minute around the corner from exit 4. A delicious evening out, and with lots of events on during the week, sure to be a fun evening. 

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