Edible Art on a Grand Scale

Going viral.

Some people do it with a single, blurry but somehow amazing video. The village of Inakadate in Aomori pref, has managed to maintain and grow it’s viral success over twenty years with its rice field art. This year was Star Wars, to promote the new movie in December, and Gone With The Wind.


It’s definitely been a boon for the local economy. The brand new, sparkling view-tower has elevator button pressers employed. Pictures, captioned in both English and Japanese, show the local children happily getting involved in both the planting, harvesting, and eating of the product. Visitors with with time, can collect stamps at the different fields, and the local museum.


Ground level view of C3PO’s belly.

The system has become more sophisticated over the years, with computers, and additional rice varieties helping to make the end result look less… wonky than previous. The summer months of July and August are the best times to see the field in its full glory.

Entry 200 yen.

Access: Inakadate Station from Hirosaki station.

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