Home in a Hot Spring town

Recently, I joined a JNTO workshop for upcoming influencers. It’s been interesting to see the many different styles of videos that the other creators make. We had to choose a place to make a video on and get feedback about.

I knew I wanted to visit Kinosaki onsen. Kinosaki onsen is a hot spring town on the Japanese sea-side coast, about 2.5 hours north of Kyoto. It was November, already super cold, all I wanted to do was sit in hot water. Can’t video that though… So, what to do…?

One of my favourite things is to interview people, hear their stories and get insights into their lives, so it made sense to find people to describe this beautiful place. Reaching out to Tooyoka onsen helped connect me with the owner of ryokans (traditional hotels), yukata rental shops,

The town has such strong branding. Each interviewee used the same charming metaphor.

The next video will showcase Kinosaki’s beautiful original craft, mugiwara-zaiku.

What kind of content do you like in your YouTube travel videos?

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